Ava Communications (Private Joint Stock) located in Kish Free Zone, as the leading producer of new generation of telecommunication equipment in the country, relying on the knowledge and capabilities of committed and expert staff strives toward self-sufficiency, sustainable development, preservation of national assets, and taking a role in national exports.

The Future Vision of Ava Communication Industries in the Horizon of 2016 would be:

1 - Ava's name or brand  known worldwide as a manufacturer of telecommunication products,

2 -  Having offices in various countries, including developed industrial countries, Included in the list of the country’s capital market (OTC)

3 - Obtaining a large portion of the worldwide market for call centers,

4 -  Having  a basket of manufactured goods, consisting of a range of next generation of telecommunication products

5 – Having an active Research and Development unit developing bounds of technology at the international level

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